Tell Him lyrics

Album: The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Superstar - Lauryn Hill
Yo, hip hop
Started out in the heart, uh huh
Yo, now everybody trying to chart
Say what?
Yo, hip hop
Started out in the heart
Yo, now everybody trying to chart
Come on now baby
Come on now baby
Come on now baby
Come on
Come on now baby
Come on now baby
Come on now baby
Come on

1 - Come on baby, light my fire
Everything you drop is so tired
Music is supposed to inspire
How come we ain't getting no higher?

Now tell me your philosophy
On exactly what an artist should be
Should they be someone with prosperity
And no concept of reality?
Now, who you know without any flaws
That lives above the spiritual laws
And does anything they feel just because
There's always someone there who'll applaud

Repeat 1

I know you think that you've got it all
And by making other people feel small
Makes you think you're unable to fall
But when you do, who you gonna call?
See, what you give is just what you get
I know it hasn't hit you yet
Now I don't mean to get you upset
But every cause has an effect, oh

Repeat 1

I cross sands in distant lands, make plans with the sheiks
Why you beef with freaks as my album sales peak?
All I wanted was to sell like 500
And be a ghetto superstar since my first album, Blunted
I used to work at Foot Locker, they fired me and fronted
Or I quitted, now I spit it- however do you want it?
Now you get it
Writing rhymes in the range with the frames lightly tinted
Then send it to your block and have my full name cemented
And if your lines sound like mine, I'm taking a percentage
Unprecedented and still respected it when it vintage
I'm serious, I'm taking over areas in Aquarius
Running red lights with my 10,000 chariots
Just as Christ was a superstar, you stupid star
They'll hail you then they'll nail you, no matter who you are
They'll make you now then take you down
And make you face it, you slit the bag open
Put your pinkie in it, then taste it

Repeat 1 until fade

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