Love Is A Rose lyrics

Album: Roses & Sunshine

Love is a rose
But you better not pick it
It only grows when it's on the vine
A handful of thorns,
And you'll know you've missed it
You lose your love when you say the word "mine"

I want to see what's never been seen
I want to live an age-old dream
Come along, boys, we can go together
Let's take the best right now
Take the best right now



(Take the best right now)

I want to go to an old hotel
Long ago in a western town
Pick me up 'cause my feet are draggin'
Give me a lift and I'll hay your wagon


Love is a rose (mine)
Love is a rose (mine)
Love is a rose (mine)
Love is a rose


Love is a rose
Love is a rose
(repeat and fade out)

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