Prelude lyrics

The wind in the willow is humming a soft and gentle song
I feel the touch of him as he whispers in the dawn
Was it a blade of grass that made me open my heart ?
Or wasn't it a most natural thing to do?

Fell the golden shower sprinkle over you
As the morning opens her eyes, it's all so new
The air is as still as the sunbeams that fall upon my face
I close my eyes and listen to all the sound of day

From all around me I feel the warmth of my love
The gentle breezes caress me with a sigh
The sky overhead is all aglow
A murmuring brook begins to flow
I lower my eyes but now I really know
There's a feeling of love inside of me
A feeling that makes me want to be and love

Now as the moon is shining bright
I was content to sleep in the coolness of the night
For now I know my love awaits
With arms open wide
As all the dreams of tomorrow come to me
In my heart I know jusy where I want to be
I close my eyes till the dawn

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