On The Run lyrics

Album: Dark Side Of The Moon

Fuck all that we've got to get on with theseGotta compete with the wily Japanese.There's too many home fires burningAnd not enough trees.So fuck all thatWe've go to get on with these.
Can't stopLose jobMind goneSiliconWhat bombGet awayPay dayMake hayBreak downNeed fixBig sixClickity clickHold onOh noBrrrrrrrrrring bingo!
Make 'em laugh.Make 'em cry.Make 'em dance in the aisles.Make 'em pay.Make 'em stay.Make'em feel ok.
Not nah JohnWe've got to get on with the film show.Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow.Who cares what it's aboutAs long as the kids go'Not now JohnGot to get on with the show.
Hang on John we've got to get on with this.I don't know what it isBut it fits on here like.....Come at the end of the shiftWe'll go and get pissed.But now now JohnI've got to get on with this.
Hold on JohnI think there's something good on.I used to read books but.....It could be the newsOr some other abuseOr it could be reusable shows.
Fuck all that we've got to get on with theseGot to compete with the wily Japanese.No need to worry about the Vietnamese.Got to bring the Russian Bear to his knees.Well, maybe not the Russian BearMaybe the Swedes.We showed ArgentinaNow let's go and show these.Make us feel toughAnd wouldn't Maggie be pleased'Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!
"s'cusi dove il bar(What?)se para collo pou eine toe bars'il vous plait ou est le bar(...say it in English!...)oi, where's the fucking bar John?(Oh, now you're talking!)"Oh! Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the dayDown!Go, Maggie!Hammer, Hammer, Hammer, Hammer, now!

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