Robert Kramer – Final Parting Words lyrics

Album: Kingman Station

All of my life, I felt so cheated & lied to
Nobodies see what I have seen
There ain't nobody'd want to
Step inside my shoes
It's made me hard & way too mean

Won't never be no sunny skies in my life
Don't try to tell me different, to my face
I just keep thinking that its time that I move on
Don't wanna run no more inside this human race


Well, I'm gonna pack my bags,
I got no time for long goodbyes
Don't bother with no Final Parting Words
Cuz I've just resigned myself
To finally leave behind myself
Cuz I'll be headed to a place noone has heard

I've lost in life & love without any reason
You won't believe the luck I've had
I've been so down & out without a direction
I've even lost the heart to feelin' sad

I think the end of my ropes' a hangman's noose
The clouds are rollin' in, to be sure
I can't go on with the way my life has gone
Ain't puttin up with this life anymore


Oh, woe is me, how did I
get to such state
I hope its better where I go
Well, maybe I just need to
Sit & think it thru
To end my life might be a big mistake
I guess it ain't as bad
As I was led to think
Maybe life don't dish out
more than I can take


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