At Shetoro's Crib (A Poem) lyrics

Album: When Devils Strike

As I read this letter and as you listen I know right now I'm either dead or in prison
I'm writing these words as my daughter sleeps I pray this is something I'll never have to read the year is 2000 and I've signed with universal all the hate can't stop me but it still hurts though the smoke in my blunt can only hide my pain
My security is outside but I still sleep in the rain
They say that my lyrics destroy and kill but I'm only trying to tell them I know how hey feel I never had both of my parents I was 3 when he left and ended the marriage
Most of the things I rap about I no longer do tomorrow its church and after that the zoo
Diamonds and cars don't make a man happy your jewels in life are your friends and family, the more money I make the more problems appear I feel my enemies closing in getting near inspired by jealousy they wish me the worst I've shook the hands of men that want me stiff in a hearse, but everything I do is so that one day our kids can see their own kind in a positive way, even though I'm no angel in God I do trust
I'd like to take a second to tell you about us, Rasheed is from Philadelphia, Low G is from Honduras I was raised with my abuela in a place called Falfurias
But we're all the same race and that race is Player, I've held two jobs ditch digger and brick layer, now I see a sign as I lay in the chalk, heaven ends is a million miles
Lord don't make me walk

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