Tech N9ne – Colorado lyrics

Album: Something Else

[Intro: B.o.B & Tech N9ne]
Yeah, uh-huh, oh, no, damn
Hit-hit-hit-hit-hit-hit that good Colora-

[Chorus: B.o.B & Tech N9ne]
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
You know it's that fire, I can't get no higher
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
I came to turn the night up, now watch me as I light up

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Hey, I smoke in Amsterdam, in Denmark, Christiana
Canada then Germany, now everybody in this twist ganja
Now when I go to my second home, big Tech is prone to conjure
Some of that new legal purple good Colorado marijuana
[Verse 2: Stevie Stone]
Break it down, pearl it up, fire it up, pass it ‘round
Got that dope, eighth of the dream
And a quarter with the purp when I'm in the town
Nobody fucks with regular, all my shit spectacular
Hit it for the low, shit gotta be real loud and this wild next to ya
Rhino rolling in the most, hydro mixed with indigo
Blaze that shit, really can't get no high
But niggas still feel me though
Chokin' dope, blazin' fire, roll 'em up, mile high
Lovin' Colorado strawberry kush, open wide

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Put you lighters up in the sky when the nigga do it
For the homeboy Pakelika
Restin' in Reefer, smoking that Keisha
Through a vaporizer with a feature
Tech N9ne, I'ma kick it every time
When I ease my mind, I hit my bottle
But they legalized it in my second home
When I go, I'ma hit that good Colora-

[Chorus: B.o.B & Tech N9ne]
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
You know it's that fire, I can't get no higher
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
I came to turn the night up, now watch me as I light up
[Verse 4: Godemis]
You already know what it is, tappin' bottles, chippin' lips
Rollin' up another thumper then we on the way to kill another gig
Info, Frizz, Stevie, Tech, Ubi and Pcaso too
Chongin' out in the open, tokin', smoke so loud that I can't hear you
Look at me walkin' sideways, wavy but I'm not sloppy
And I'm burnin' down the bush with the chief
The spirits have got me
Better roll up, you know I'm cold as fuck
Going nuts iffin' I'm up in your place
Takin' a hit of the purp, I'ma hold it in then blow it in your face

[Verse 5: Info Gates]
(Cough cough) Info Gates
(Cough) Bitch don't hate
I showed up at the studio, bars official
Cause I'm on trees like carved initials
I got that Candy Maldonado
But I'm in KC, not Colorado
So if a cop finds this avocado
I got in this medicine bottle, I gotta get gone

[Verse 6: UBI]
Be hittin' the indica strain
When it get in my brain, then it isn't the same
I'm twistin the flame
Light up, the Ces is definitely beneficial for the pain
That medical Jane, never synthetic
You know photosynthesis gettin' the blame
Blowin' the legit if you switchin' the state
Ah, blow the piff and I'm driftin' away
When I'm out in the Springs
With a mountain to king, I'm countin' the ounces they bring
They offer that kush (Kush)
They burnin' the bush, they 'bout it, no doubt it's a thing
I'm jackin' the cyph'
Livin' in colorful Colorado over half of my life
I came from Arvada back in the day
Had a habit for packin' the sack in the pipe
I blowin' that in-
[Chorus: B.o.B & Tech N9ne]
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
You know it's that fire, I can't get no higher
-Do (Do) do (Do) do (Do) do (Do)
I came to turn the night up, now watch me as I light up

[Verse 7: Bernz]
Been an outlaw for a minute though, smokin' out with no shame
Blowin' loud out my sunroof, back in the Sunshine State
But them boys offered that cake so it's a cat and mouse type chase
So I growin' eyes on my back and droppin' brims over my face
I need a high estate, elevate
Gotta get back up to that Denver stage
Where the fans are Strange and the air is thin
But the smoke is thick, I just can't explain
Sparkin', puffin', passin'
Ease your pain and all these forms of fashion
I think it's only right we celebrate it, just get

[Verse 8: Wrekonize]
Up-up high, get 'em up-up high
Stuck in the sky, we got a lust, let's fly
And I just met my angel, dangled
With a halo and a bud supply
Went over limit and you heard the tale
About my freaked out, tweaked out weed dungeon
But I forget about that when I'm in the 'Do
See I be all up on them Green Funyuns
Took another trip out to the CO
Where they be telling me the liberty is legal
So that's no whiz test for your PO
We go to free load and debo Doritos
Showing love to Metropolis
And the brother with the funk on the side of the curb
Green cross in a season of moss
When they all breed crops and they dying to serve

[Verse 9: Rittz]
Fort Collins to Boulder, we smoke the average
We just feel wicked, we on that Jodi Arias
Rollin' and jokin', these folks just stare at us
Trippin' for no reason, when it's so hilarious
You high or something? Yeah square, you scared to puff?
You wanna fly with me? Yeah, airfare is up
Just be careful when you hit it, I got admit it
I been known for sprinkle these orange hairs with dust
Forgot where we was, tried to order a Quarter Pounder
From a Taco Bell drive-thru high so we drove off
On the road lost, blinded from the smoke fog
Made it to the crib, I hit the door and then I dozed off
Broke off my homies a couple buds
And ever since the day I did it, I done got a bunch of phone calls
Ask me how much do an O' cost
In Atlanta, got 'em smokin' on that dope dog, ya-ya-uh-yeah

[Verse 10: Krizz Kaliko]
When I'm in another land, I smoke that fire-ire-ire
I don't really hit to choke but tonight I'm gonna try-y-y
Take some weed, mix it with tobacco leafs
Actually and breathe in and lose my faculties, naturally
(Okay) Worldwide now, following Tech Nina
Take another hit if you got that reefer
Bring me a little bit of that sativa
Baby, toast, cause my anxiety don’t like what I put up inside of me
I go back to the bottle, when I take a hit of that Colora-do

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