Notice Me lyrics

I could not help but notice you
from a distance
So good
I'll face everyday with you

I met this really nice guy
sitting by a fountain
on a sunny day

With short brown curly hair
and his hazel green eyes
caught my attention

And then he got up slowly
and walked across the green green grass

He came to me unexpectedly
and introduced himself to me
He said


And she sat down
and we talked awhile
told me her name
Oh so versatile

The way she spoke
the way she stared
when she looked at me
she looked at me

I'll tell you I couldn't help
what was going on
I couldn't believe she was
sitting right in front of me
I'm so glad


I think of you in the morning light
and when the suns on high at noon
I think of you
when it all falls down
and my days are cold and blue
I think of you
when I'm down and out
and I'm facing my darkest blue

You'd be my guiding light
you'd be my shining star
You'd be my sweet soul perfection
burning for affection
when no one else can
tear us apart whoa whoa

CHORUS repeat til fade

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