Tommy Makem – A Maid Going To Comber lyrics

A maid going to Comber her markets to learn
To sell for her mammy three hanks of fine yarn
She met with a young man along the highway
And that was to cause her dally and stray

Sit down beside me I mean you no harm
Sit down beside me this new tune to learn
Here is three guineas your mammy to pay
So lay by your yarn 'til the next market day

They sat down together the grass it was green
The day was the fairest that ever was seen
The look in your eye would lead angels astray
So lay by your yarn 'til the next market day

The maid she went home and the words that he said
The song that he sang her still rang in her head
She says I'll go find him by land or by sea
'Til he learns me the tune called The Next Market Day

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