Strange Times lyrics


Theres a man,
Who is walking too fast for his shoes
And yet he’s not moving an inch
And his eyes,
They are looking in all the wrong places,
But nothings a cinch

It all seems right but its all wrong
For the weak to survive you
Just gotta stay strong
To be wise, you just gotta give in for awhile
But its no surprise

We’re living in Strange Times!
We’re wading in water
Up to our necks
We’re steering a ship
Thats already wrecked
We’re toying with emotions
That have no effect

We’re Living in Strange Times
The floaters they pass before your eyes
But not that its much to your surprise
They’re not there...

There’s heart, that is breaking too fast for its beat
Just like dancing without any feet
And a life that is wasting away
And the night never turns into day
And gravities useless,
The ground has left your feet
Youre floating away and youre
Out of your mind
You have yet lost what you cant find!

War is peace, and up is down
And no kings worthy of his crown
We kill and smash the things we love
Falling to our heaven from hell above!

(copyright 2014- RKMPC-all rights reserved)

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