The King Of Hearts lyrics

There's no place I can go
Where the hurt will never show
There's noone in my heart except for you
There's a place I wann go
Where the heart no longer needs to roam
I wann feel that kind of love
Thru & thru

Cos I'm the King, King of Hearts
Inside this empty castle
Yes, I'm a king without a crown
without his queen
Yes, I'm the King
King of Hearts
To rule this empty kingdom
With nothing left inside or in between

There's no where I can hide
To hide the pain I feel inside
There's nothing left to say
Or left to do
There's no room in my sould
To fill this empty endless hole
That was left inside this heart
In Place of you


Why can't we start again
Like back where we were then?
It seems our love was worth that much
Theres nothing left without
You in my life again
I'm lost without the magic of your touch


(Copyright 2017-Robert Kramer-administrated by RKMPC Music Publishing Co.- ASCAP-all rights reserved)

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