Rape Of The Gael lyrics

Beyond the Aran Islands, ghosts of the long forgotten heroes
Come thundering down the starry velvet sky
They scream their wild frustrations to the endless listening spaces
And the stormy ocean breakers rolling by

And the poet sadly sings his song of bitter lamentation
And the warrior hosts take up the bitter wail
It echoes down the misty halls of countless generations
They mourn the ceaseless raping of the Gael

The mighty hordes are bowed with grief to see the devastation
The glory is all gone they had of old
A noble race betrayed, who once were valiant true and faithful
To whet a stranger's lust for power and gold


Now evil men with evil ways set brother against brother
And foster hatred all across the land
They don't care who the victims are as long as they have power
To profit from their helpless fellow man


The druids in their wisdom speak to men who would do evil
"What happened to the power of ancient Rome?
When men of honour once again walk hand in hand with justice
The evil you do now will come back home"

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