Nb Ridaz – Lonely Life Lyrics

Why don't u feel the way I... want u to?
I always thought that you would be so true baby
Now everytime I look into your eyes
Me minus u is such a lonely life

Do u miss me like I miss u?
Remember when I promised u the world
Forever your man forever my girl

Mama always told me that there'd be days like this
When I would reminisce on them games I used to play
So I got what was givin... she left me
My only reason for livin
A year ago I was floatin on a daydream
Down just to love me
Stuck on Blackstreet
SIck for a fix for your candy-coated lipstick (oooh oooh oooh)
Bubblegum kisses that were blowin in the wind and never end
To infinity I gave love

In our reality it was me and you against the world
All odds against us
Betray and started playin silly little mind games
Half-filled hugs and kisses
Speech fulla broken truth
And all I have to say to you is simply this... you lied to me baby
Why'd you have to lie to me?


I'm sittin in the dark thinkin how I loved you
Como te quiero... what I wouldn't do for you
And memories of those days... abrazos, besos... hugs and kisses
Many people never meet that one
And if you leave I'll be another one
Otra person dying inside, havin no pride
Please tell me why in the middle of the night takin all my dreams... todos mis suenos... everything I need
So watch a grown man cry... cuz this is what it sounds like... when a soul dies
I dedicate this song to you... uh-uh... I dedicate my life to you
Cuz there's nothin in this world I need more
Than to be by your side forever more (uh)


How can I live with myself?
Sometimes I wonder, reaching out, was my love not good enough?
It's so rough to figure out
Doubts of arguments, regrets so deep within in between now and then
It ended not to begin... why girl?
Nothin for what I was
Serenity of a youngster lovin everything but
Doing you wrong
So many nights of making love
Thankin my Lord above for your passionate touch, passion is such
But too much was more to deal with
I took your love for granted and didn't feel it
But still, it's all mine for messin up
Sometimes it's kinda hard to keep a line of solid trust
And quiet lust, not knowing quite enough to be the purpose of being in it for us girl
And so to say, we play to get played
And deal with the day to day... but I'm sorry


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